Who We Are

We are the first and only fully integrated education, enterprise and employability solutions provider that solely targets disadvantaged youth.

We offer 21st century Employability and Life Skills Training, Career Mentoring, Preparedness & Development, Education Building Services, Entrepreneurship Training and Scholarship Opportunities.


Enhance access to basic & quality education for all Institutionalize enterprise, employability, work readiness skills development at primary, secondary and tertiary levels.


A Nigeria with the human capital to drive its transformational economic and social development.

Our Focus And Approach


The Data Speaks

  • Education is critical for human capital development, and thus economic progression
  • By 2050, 1/4 of the world’s working age population will be African – larger than China
    Of the 64 million Youths in Nigeria, 11 Million are unemployed, 52% in the 15-24 age bracket (NBS 2004)
  • 13.9% unemployment rate and 19.7% underemployment rate
  • 60% of youth labour force aged 15-24 are unemployed or underemployed
  • Employers’ key concern is the lack of employability skills amongst graduates (British Council Research and Advocacy Program 2013-2015)
  • 62% of employers say biggest challenges are Inadequate workplace skills, high cost of training and bad attitude to work (Phillips Consulting March 2014 Education Survey Report)
  • 98% of employers think graduates lack effective verbal communication skills (Phillips Consulting March 2014 Education Survey Report)
  • National pupil/class ratio at secondary level: 62:1 .v. recommended 35:1 (ESSPIN 2010)
  • Up to 20% of youth unemployment constitute graduates of tertiary institutions (NISER 2013)

Our Compelling Philosophy

  • Of the 64 million Youths in Nigeria, 11 million are unemployed, 52% are 15-24 (NBS 2004)
  • 60% of youth labour force aged 15-24 are unemployed or underemployed
  • Rapid global changes – technological advancement, shifting workforce demands and globalisation are redefining the skill sets that youth need to be competitive
  • Africa’s future lies in a strong education system that prepares and trains youth with the knowledge and skills for employment and entrepreneurship
  • There is a mismatch between education received in school and demands of industry
  • Soft Skills are key e.g. communication, problem solving & leadership skills
  • The education sector needs to be inclusive for all students to access quality education irrespective of gender and socio-economic circumstances
  • To address the inadequate access to quality education, enterprise training and the employability skills gap, Skills Outside School Foundation has developed employability, enterprise and educational programs for secondary-tertiary level youth

Core Values



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