About SOSF



A world with the human capital to drive transformational social and economic development


Achieving data-driven innovative entrepreneurship, education and employability interventions & advocacy that drive sustainable growth and developement.

What We Do

We deploy education, employability and entrepreneurship interventions that help prepare youth and young adults for the future & the global economy.

We support the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and we are focused on providing


21st century Employability and Life Skills Training


Career Mentoring, Preparedness & Development


Education Building Services & Academic Support

Teacher Capacity Building Opportunities

Work Readiness Skills

Entrepreneurship Training, Mentoring
& Funding Support

Data Speaks

By 2050, 1/4 of the world’s working age population will be African

60% of youth labour force aged 15-24 are unemployed or underemployed

13.9% unemployment rate

Employers’ key concern is the lack of employability skills amongst graduates

62% of employers challenges are Inadequate workplace skills and bad work attitude

National pupil/class ratio at secondary level: 62:1

20% of youth unemployment constitute tertiary graduates

Core Values

We are responsible and value transparency. We have nothing to hide and more importantly, our word is our bond. We believe that the only route to sustainable change is one that involves honesty, accountability and respect for others.

Through volunteer mobilization and consistent knowledge sharing with corporates, government, international organizations and other non-profits, we work with diverse yet unified teams to achieve our common goals while providing the best quality in our work. We pursue all opportunities to learn more, provide accurate reports of our activities and receive feedback from all our stakeholders.

We are driven by the passion to be impactful, implementing well-researched solutions that will address all facets of a problem. As such, we work consistently to build human capital with better values, knowledge and skillsets so as to act as drivers of socio-economic change across the world.

However, we do not fail to have fun while doing what we love!

At the heart of all we do is data. Our data research and analytics team assess communities and groups we wish to intervene in, determine their true needs and the best ways to solve those needs.

The gathered data which informs which of our core programs we deploy to students at various levels and adults in enterprise or employment; the structure and modes of delivery.

However, our interventions do not end there. We go further to utilize the outcomes for continued advocacy for the betterment of various groups we work with. Reaching out to public and private sectors as well as the general public, we spread awareness, mobilize massive support and press for the right policies.

We are convinced that without these, our efforts will be tantamount to pouring water in a basket- without lasting impact.

Our Model

Programs, Data, Advocacy

  • We cooperate with individuals, corporates, not-for-profit, governments and international bodies to achieve the best results in human capital development in Nigeria.
  • We strongly believe that schools are not the only vehicles for delivering education and that there are many pathways for learning and education for youth
  • We are open, honest and accountable in our relationships with everyone we work with, and with each other
  • We only accept funding/partnerships that don’t compromise our ability to address issues thoroughly & objectively
  • We only provide accurate reports of our activities to our stakeholders
  • We embrace and drive change
  • We only implement solutions that will address all facets of a problem and be based on high standards of research including data gathering, observation and feedback

Guiding Principles




4 of the 6 geopolitical zones are represented across SOSF Leadership


80% of SOSF leadership are women


80% of SOSF leadership is under the age of 40