Experienced BoardWe have a diverse highly qualified and cross functional leadership: Our board with combined 50+ years of experience, has worked across a broad range of sectors and organisations – corporate/private sector, not-for-profit (local & international) and public sector.

Flat CultureWe have a flat culture where executive council and the board interact and work seamlessly.

Our Work is FulfillingWe offer education, employability and entrepreneurship opportunities to our beneficiaries giving them the chance to explore what’s out there and learn about the industry/careers/opportunities that’s right for them. We are affecting lives positively every day and that excites us.

Our Strong Partner NetworkOur long-established relationships with over 50 partner firms means we can do a lot with a small team. We have an alumni network of 50+ professionals across various industries and trainers. Whether it is trainers, ex-staff, ex-mentors, or otherwise that we continue to engage with and have moved on to do other very interesting things. We would like to believe that they will continue promoting and imbibing SOSF values wherever they go. As you build your professional experience, you get the chance to share your knowledge with the next generation and to join our alumni network.

Quality Program DeliveryOur high impact programs are delivered by trained industry professionals.

Why Work With Us


Lean Cross Functional Team: We have a small team so leverage on each others’ perspectives, time and skills sets through our cross functional teams constantly sharing knowledge on our work. We find the balance in age; gender; geography. By creating an environment for team members to personally and professionally thrive, we will have maximum impact towards our mandate.

Our Recruitment Process

Call for Applications

Call for Applications

Submit your CV and cover letter.

Competency Based Test

Competency Based Test

Written scenario-based tests aimed at assessing initial competence of candidate for the role.

1st level skype/phone interview

1st level skype/phone interview

If your CV, cover letter and competency based test answers indicate a good match with the role, then you will be contacted by HR for an initial phone/skype interview. Interviews are typically 45-60-minute Q&A meetings. Our goal during interviews is to better understand your skills and capabilities. Equally as important, we’d like to learn how you could be a positive contributor to the organizational culture of SOSF.

2nd level skype/phone interview

2nd level skype/phone interview

After your 1st level Interview. if your skills and background continue to align strongly with the role then you may be invited to speak to a larger panel including business unit representatives or heads.

Assessment Centre

Assessment Centre

This is a half or full-day session with series of verbal and numerical reasoning tests; group exercises; scenario-based role plays and panel interviews or individual meetings with team members. This can vary by process and time based on the team and the position.

Pre-Employment Screening

Pre-Employment Screening

This involves reference, recommendation and qualification checks; including pre-employment medical screening where necessary. Depending on the role, this can involve early on-boarding processes for the role as required.



  • Internal Mobility Options: Job title re-designation and shadowing opportunities
  • Secondment: Through partner organizations
  • Volunteering & Entrepreneurship: Through ventures & partner organizations
  • Participation in Fellowships: Application support and sponsorship
  • Expand your network: Attendance at conferences or seminars
  • Formal Learning: Flexibility to take e-learning and short courses; and annual training opportunities chosen by staff
  • Mentoring & Coaching: As you build your professional experience, you get the chance to share your knowledge with the next generation and to join our alumni network
  • Management Experience: Given how small the team is, you will have the opportunity to higher program support officers and interns that you can manage

Open Opportunities

The President provides overall leadership, direction, coordination, and evaluation of SOSF and serves as the face of SOSF with donors, partners, the public, SOSF program beneficiaries, policymakers and other stakeholders.

Media and Communications Officer
The Media & Communications officer will be in charge of SOSF communication platforms including social media; creating visibility for SOSF; day-to-day communication with SOSF partners & stakeholders.

Admin, HR and Finance Officer
The Admin, HR & Finance Officer is in charge of administration including facilities management and procurement; HR – organizational planning; performance management; policy development & personnel management; Finance – including budgeting, book keeping, expense tracking & management, and other finance duties.


SOS Bridge Program Assistant
The Senior Program Manager will provide overall leadership, direction, design, coordination, and evaluation of SOSF, its programs and activities. The Senior Program Manager will manage program delivery, coordinate staff and teams and provide overall strategic guidance to the team. The Manager will serve as the key interface for SOSF with donors, partners, the public, SOSF program beneficiaries, policymakers and other stakeholders

Alumni Network

We have an alumni network of 70+ professionals across various industries. Skills Outside School Foundation alumni go on to do extraordinary things.