Support 3000 students today and build capacity of 200 teachers across 100 government secondary schools in FCT, Kebbi and Kwara Nigeria, as we raise 5 million towards their skills and career development through the SOS Bridge Program. We have deployed 7.1 million so far running the program over the last 6 years.

Meet Michael, Samson and Fatima, 3 of our 381 ambassadors across 7 schools, who have directly benefitted from the SOS Bridge Program, who have shared their incredible testimonials. Take a look.


The Stats Are Alarming:

56% under and unemployment. 41% of the 22 million unemployed Nigerians are between the ages of 15-24.

Another 31% between ages of 25-34.

54% hold OND/Masters/PHDs.

49% of junior school teaching staff in Kebbi have never attended a seminar training or workshop.

30% unqualified junior secondary teachers of total 5,271 in Kebbi.

20% unqualified teachers in Kwara.

70% of teachers in Kwara have never attended a seminar or training.

51% Completion rate from senior secondary schools in Kwara.

The North West ranks the lowest in secondary school enrollment numbers.

As exemplified by #ENDSARS protest, Young students more than ever need guidance and training to become productive members of the society. Join us to train young students on above mentioned skills.

What is the SOS Bridge Program?

The SOS Bridge program exposes youths in state secondary schools through club workshops deployed by trained school teachers/trainers and opportunities through partners and mentors to build them on;​

Life Skills
Career Awareness
Academic Skills
Technical, Vocational and Enterprise Skills

How We Will Use Your Investment

Buying 1 student training pack @1,500 naira only

Buying 1 teacher trainer pack @ 3,000 naira only

Buying a school club training pack @ 30,000 naira only

1,500 students and 100 teachers will be trained across 50 schools in FCT

750 students and 50 teachers will be trained across 25 schools in Kebbi state

750 students and 50 teachers will be trained across 25 schools in Kwara state


Hello Everyone,

My name is Michael Onoja, I was among the 2016 graduating class of GSS Jabi. While in school, I was privileged to be part of the SOSF Bridge program in 2015 as an ss2 student.

To me, secondary school would have been insignificant if I didn’t pass through the SOSF Bridge program.

I have gained enlightenment on life skills-skills necessary for employability, I’ve had exposure to professional career life at an early age. I was assigned a professional mentor, I’ve attended two summer camps of which one gave me real time programming experience.

SOSF has also opportuned me to be at the Space Agency twice, to have insight from an Audit firm, to have roundtable discussions with Diplomats at the Ministry of foreign affairs, etc.

All these have helped me grow reliable networks. I got my first laptop ever from a mentor I had never met who was assigned to me by SOSF.

As a result of participating in the SOSF Bridge program, I am currently, an Admin intern with SOSF, a 200 level Computer science student and I am also a social entrepreneur- the co-founder of Evolve Nigeria.

I would like to call out to well meaning individuals around the globe to support and donate to the SOSF Bridge project so other young people like me can have access to the opportunities I have.


-Michael Onoja

Michael is a proud representation of the numerous students we work with. Support us today to ensure more people benefit from our trainings by donating a sum below.

Thank you for your support as you join us to shape productive members’ of society.