Program Support Officer – Grant Writer 


The core role of the Grant Writer is to research information and write robust proposals that fulfill the requirements of international and local funding and partnership bodies that match the Foundation’s. In sum, the Grant Writer will:

  1. Research and identify individual donors and funding organisations
  2. Develop proposals that fulfil the requirements of the potential funding bodies
  3. Keep records of all grants written and efficiently track the proposals including progress and requests for information during the period of assessment of proposals by the funding bodies 
  4. Provide additional information on request by potential funding bodies

Reporting Relationship:  Stakeholders Relations & Communications Manager


  1. Excellent Verbal Communication
  2. Superior Writing, Editing and Research Skills
  3. Excellent Analytical and critical thinking Skills
  4. Strong IT Skills
  5. Ability to understand the needs of both the agency in need of funding and the organization that is offering the grant money
  6. Ability to use dropbox, sharepoint and goggle drive
  7. Being able to understand and execute complex instructions
  8. Strong attention to detail


  1. At least Bachelor degree in any discipline preferably in English, Literature, Mass Communications, Marketing, Advertisement, Sales and similar disciplines or a similar professional background in these disciplines 
  2. Must not be situate in FCT 


Background: The objective of this assessment is to evaluate the capacity of a potential Grant Writer to carry out the roles and responsibilities of the office. 

Key Competencies: The key skills being evaluated by this assessment are as follows:

  1. Ability to develop strategic, proactive relationships with potential partners, and other stakeholders.
  2. Demonstrated knowledge of trends in corporate and foundation funding, corporate social responsibility (CSR), philanthropy, corporate giving, and good corporate citizenship, and the methods, practices and procedures for obtaining information about cause-marketing programs of corporations and foundations.
  3. Writing  ability, particularly  capacity to summarize prose  into concise bullets without losing the key information.
  4. Ease of operating within the Microsoft PowerPoint environment, to create graphs, charts, tables, and other illustrative diagrams in a clear, uncluttered and visually appealing form.

Case Study Content: As a Grant Writer, you have been given four (4) hours to complete the following three (3) assignments:

  1. First Assignment: You have been asked to develop the first draft of a partnership proposal on Microsoft PowerPoint or a similar application to Alcatel-Lucent or Accenture based on internally provided information and trusted public information sources for review by the Stakeholder Relations & Communications Manager. Where necessary, you are allowed to leave blank spaces and/or insert questions you would like to ask the Manager in order to complete such slides. You should use the SOS Foundation provided template titled “Template Proposal”. Choose between the two organisations and state why. You may refer to the attached document titled ‘About the SOS Foundation’. You may delete slides in the proposal you think are not relevant.

  2. Second Assignment: Identify 2 organisations in Nigeria and 2 international grant making organisations with CSR objectives that are in line with that of SOSF that SOSF can partner with. Research and provide reasons why SOSF should partner with them and on what basis we will partner focusing on SOSFs objectives and the organisations objectives CSR or other.
  3. Third Assignment: You have been provided a template application for funding with the Direct Aid Program of the Australian High Commission. You are expected to fill the application using information on the Foundation and Bridge Program. You may refer to the attached document titled ‘About the SOS Foundation’.