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By investing, you give a government secondary school girl the opportunity to be the first in her family to get an education; young people will access building critical life and employability skills while entrepreneurs access the knowledge, funding, mentoring, advisory support and skills to run sustainable businesses that can drive Nigeria’s growth and development and then public secondary schools gain mentors, career insight opportunities and valuable skills outside the four walls of a classroom.

Give and we will allocate the funds according to needs at the specific time!

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We will work with you to identify a pilot initiative aligned with your unique goals and objectives – whether it’s a daylong virtual engagement, on-the-ground assignment or type of social enterprise. We have deployed several activities and programs standalone and with over 150 trusted partners. Work with us and let’s reach the 75 million youth in Nigeria through education, employability and entrepreneurship interventions!

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With N200,000, you can support our brilliant entrepreneurs in a fishpond, poultry farm, confectionary shop, a shea butter/ sesame seed export business, a cosmetics and/or fashion design house. We have trained over 500 young entrepreneurs. Support them and more!

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With N50,000, you can support an SOS Ambassador roll out a sign language class to 100s of hearing challenged youth. We currently have 1800 ambassadors. Support them.

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With N10,000, support a young entrepreneur gain the skills, tools, resources, mentors, funding and post-start-up business advisory and support services to run a sustainable business. We are currently in the FCT and Nasarawa. We would love to expand to more states.

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With N250,000, 25 students across a public/government secondary school can receive 21st century employability and life skills, career guidance, career mentors, personal development opportunities and academic support. We are currently in 7 schools in the FCT. We would love to expand to more schools and states.

We vehemently condemn financial crimes and stand against money laundering.
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