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The management team provides daily operational oversight, guidance and support with respect to strategy, stakeholder relations, governance, audit, program management and expansion plans. The management works with other team members and liaises among themselves to ensure the vision, mission and objectives of the Foundation are consistently implemented.

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Simon Ibrahim Achi is a research consultant with over 6 years of active experience having written 14, published 8, and edited over 7 research articles with different research institutions globally. Simon has a demonstrated history of over 5 years of working with Non-governmental organizations and the public sector as well.

He earned a master’s degree in Development Economics from Ahmadu Bello University where he obtained his B.Sc degree and Monitoring and Evaluation of Public Health Certificate as well. Simon is a certified member of the Nigeria Economic Society (NES) and Project Management Professional Institute (PMPI).

Aside from research, data analysis, monitoring and evaluation; Simon is passionate about transcription(English to Hausa, or Pidgin), project management and advocacy. He is detail-oriented, and good at planning and learning new skills related to his field.

He also can work efficiently with other professionals in the development field independently to achieve any organization’s set goals.

Expertise: Research; Data analysis and interpretation; Project Management and Monitoring and Evaluation

Simon Ibrahim Achi

Data and Research Manager

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Maureen Chukwuemeka (AICMC) Brings over 15 years of experience in program Development and Management for Non profits particularly in the technical, programmatic, administration of Health and Education programs.

She is a graduate of Obafemi Awolowo University, also holds a Masters in Social Work and Administration and an Associate member of the Institute of Chartered mediators and conciliators.

She is also a governing body member of the social app (Zaahah) and a digital reward (aHa) token.

Expertise: Monitoring and evaluation, Program and Grants Management, Strategic planning and stakeholders management

Maureen Chukwuemeka

Chief Executive Officer

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Rose Daniel brings 5 years of

experience in Programs, Marketing and Business Development within profit and nonprofit


She is a graduate from the Federal University

of Abuja where she studied Microbiology with kin interest in Public Health particularly

nonprofit sector.

She is a highly committed and

motivated individual with a desire in Entrepreneurship and supporting

Entrepreneurs with the right resources and skills to sustain their businesses

in the ever changing economy

Expertise: Program management, Business advisory and fund-raising

Rose Daniel

Headstart Program Officer

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16 Emeka Anyaoku St, Garki Area 11, Abuja

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