Advocating use of local languages in the education system

Published in Vanguard newspaper on June 13, 2016
NIGERIANS have advocated for the adoption of major local languages in the country as official languages for teaching and learning to ensure proper assimilation of subjects by students. The participants at a one day seminar on Skills Building, Career Mentoring and Development for students in Government Secondary School in Nigeria agreed that solving language barrier in learning process would go a long way to improve standard of education and enhance value orientation.

The 2014 Bridge Program

Published in News Ghana on December 20, 2014
To pose a long-term solution to the challenge of youth unemployment in Nigeria and the pervasive disconnect between employable skills and the demands of the ‘Alternative Labour Market’ i.e. the private and the third sector – Private Organisations, Multilateral agencies and Non-Governmental Organisations, the Skills Outside School Foundation was founded by Miss Halima Ibrahim Abba during her NYSC year in June 2014 to provide Employability Skill building, Career Mentoring and Scholarship opportunities to disadvantaged youth in Nigeria. The projects by the foundation run for free for bright motivated deserving disadvantaged youth in Government Secondary Schools on the basis that they lack access to opportunities and funding though are very bright and deserving. The foundation was also inspired by the premise that most unemployment intervention programs are targeted at university graduates where very little can be done to enhance employment prospects and are run for a fee which many disadvantaged youth cannot afford. The foundation’s projects are currently based in Abuja with a rollout program to other states including Ogun State currently in the pipeline. The foundation has ambitious goals of providing regional interventionist programs to tackle youth unemployment drivers peculiar to various regions in Nigeria through job enhancement opportunities, funding and entrepreneurship opportunities.


Published on on 10th October 2019

Skills Outside School Foundation (SOSF) is partnering with the United Nations Children’s Emergency Fund (UNICEF) to deploy life and leadership skills training to primary and secondary school girls in the Federal Capital Territory and Kano State during the Girls for Girls Conference, running from 7th-11th October, 2019.

This collaboration is in commemoration of the International Day of the Girl as this year’s theme is, “Girl Force: Unscripted and unstoppable’.

With over 200 participants in both states, the aim of this training is to build self-consciousness in the girls and empower them with 21st century skills for global relevance through break out and practical sessions revolving around communication, critical thinking, teamwork, leadership and employability.

SOSF Senior Program Manager, Maureen Chukwuemeka says, “As a partner in this year’s celebration, we are glad that we have the opportunity to impart relevant skills on these young girls. Considering the pivotal role that women play in society, it is urgent that we empower girls for a brighter future. According to UNICEF statistics, about 50% of Northern girl-children are out of school, especially those of primary school age. This is why conferences such as this one, are important but beyond that, the demand for those who can proffer innovative solutions is on the rise. Hence, the need to equip these girls with 21st century leadership and life skills.”

Therefore, the conference as a whole, features sessions on:

1. The role of education in the life of a Nigerian girl: Overcoming distractions in school and being focused

2. Overcoming challenges and living for a brighter tomorrow

3. Creating consciousness in key duty bearers on their responsibilities in ensuring appropriate investments in girls’ education

4. Building self-esteem, self-control and keeping safe in our environment

5. Advocating free and quality compulsory education for all girls across Africa

The expected outcomes include:

1. Girls are enlightened on the impact of education and how to deal with challenges

2. Consciousness is raised in the girls on who they are and they should aim to attain maximum potentials.

3. Clear communication on improved attention to the education of Nigerian girls

4. Clear understanding of the status of girls in Nigeria. Girls are exposed on how to deal with challenges.

5. More girls are able to get access to education

This conference is also a call for solidarity on the struggle for 12 years of uninterrupted schooling for girls. As such, it will culminate in march/rally in Abuja on the 11th of October under the leadership of Pauline Tallen, Minister of Women Affairs.

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