We utilize data and intervention outcomes to raise awareness, mobilize partnerships, inform policies, drive the culture and enabling environment for sustainable development impact.

Networking & Coalition Formation

• Start-Up Gamji and Brainiacs led Internet of Things.

• YouthHub Led Coalition for #FundNationalLibrary.

• World’s Largest Lesson led Education and Advocacy

for Nigeria’s children on SDGs.

Mainstreaming Interventions

• UNICEF led 12 years uninterrupted education

for the girl-child in 2019 G4G Conference.

• UNICEF led Nationwide Integration of Life

Skills in Secondary School Curriculum.

Policy & Regulation

• 2018 National Youth Policy Development

• UBEC Act Amendment

• NNNGO Led National Consultation on Non-profit


• NNNGO Led Regional Consultation on Company & Allied

Matters Act

• BudgIT led Education Workshop

Awareness Building

• Tweet Chats: Areai and Malala Fund

• Webinars: FlexisaF, Opportunity Desk, Ventures Platform,

IAMChamp, Victoria Ikani & Co

• Thought Leadership Articles: Blended Learning,

• Social Media Posts

• Public Sector Engagement – FCT Secondary Education Board,

FCT Agency for Science and Technology, State Universal Basic

Education Boards

• Private Sector Engagement

• Radio Appearances – Vision FM, Nig Info, Amplified Radio