Bridge Program​

The SOSF Bridge program exposes youth in state secondary schools through workshops deployed by trained school teachers/trainers and opportunities through partners and mentors to build them on; Life Skills, Career Awareness and Skills Development, Academic Skills & Technical, Vocational and Enterprise Skills.

Life Skills​

These competencies (communication, problem solving, critical thinking, leadership, self-management, confidence building, citizenship development) are developed through interactive workshops with the aim of enhancing participants’ future university experience and long-term career/business prospects.​

Career Awareness and Skills Development​

SOSF Bridge program have a standardized means of deploying career resources in schools. This is dependent on the outcome of the baseline studies in state to ascertain it needs. Emphasis are made in State(s) with very low literacy and numeracy levels to improve the academic component than the Career awareness component of the Bridge program.

Academic Skills​

States with low numeracy and literacy levels, emphasis are made on the Academic skills component of the Bridge program.

Technical, Vocational and Enterprise Skills​

Finally, a social change project is organized at the end of the project cycle to allow participants apply the skills they have learnt in presenting a solution to the challenge.

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