Initiatives & challenges

Initiatives and Challenges is SOSF’s strategic and innovative intervention for her programs to ensure sustainability of same. It is responsible for drawing a delicate balance between the programmes and institutionalization through data and advocacy while working with the relevant stakeholders (partners) to embed and institutionalize SOSF programmatic interventions. The SOSF Initiatives & Challenges hinges on three core focuses:


Programs have a definitive life cycle and end. In order to be able to sustain our vision of “a productive human capital continuously”, ensuring that our programs outlive us and are impactful is key to the initiative and challenges activities.


The underlying objective of our interventions is to ensure they are mainstreamed and stand the test of time. This was exemplified in our work with UNICEF on the bridge program – life skills. SOSF therefore seeks to institutionalize the following thematic programs which forms the basis of her existence


Partnerships for the goals (SDGs) by enabling and or working with other organisations with the same mandate to carry out development/interventions. Programmes require data which is an essential instrument in achieving the partnership SOSF seek.

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Our work as Initiatives & Challenges explores the possibility of partnerships thereby bringing individuals and organizations together to execute impactful innovations

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