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LEADERSHIP & CITIZENSHIP DEVELOPMENT SKILLS 2: Skills for Change Project Presentations

SOS Bridge Prefects Leadership Training

57 Government Secondary Schools Head prefects present

114 Head Prefects and Assistants  were present

Breakout sessions on Leadership skills development

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Isiting Edet
Edet is a graduate of Government Secondary school Wuse zone 3. He was the senior prefect of the school and he was one the most committed student to the Bridge program skills workshops and activities within and outside the school. He came up with an initiative that seeks to build up the level of confidence in students, developing their public speaking skills. He started training students in his church after church services twice a week and he has recorded a good turnout of students between the classes of JSS3 – SS2 who attend his lessons every week.

Friday Lord Joseph
He is a student of Government Secondary School Garki and currently in SS3. After attending the skills workshop sessions for 21 weeks, he came up with an idea which he implemented in 2017 where he started coordinating extra lessons around his area of residence for children between the classes of JSS3 and SS1 on Fridays and Saturday evenings every week to teach them subjects such as Basic Science, Geography, Mathematics and English language.

Glory Chinedu Uwaoma
She is a graduate of Government Secondary School Garki and she was also one of the most committed students to the Bridge program who was recognized and awarded for her dedication to the program. After her graduation, she deliberately decided to get a job as a primary school teacher within her area of residence where she teaches primary 2 & 3 students 14 subjects using the soft skills she learnt during the skills workshop sessions which gives the students a clearer understanding to the subjects. 6 months after her employment, the school management recognized her as the youngest teacher with outstanding and unique teaching skills.

Innocent Aniekan
Innocent is a graduate of Government Secondary School Jabi. He was also a very committed student to the program and after his graduation, he is still very committed to the programs which benefits his educational and career growth. He was an active participant at the SOS Headstart-Into-Entrepreneurship program where he learnt how to develop business ideas and he is currently among the young people drafted to pitch their business plans to receive funding. After his graduation from secondary school, he developed a project called SILENT STARS that seeks to elevate people with hearing disabilities so they can gain equal access to information, programs, workshops and seminars that would be of benefit to their careers and personal development. He began organizing free sign language training classes in 2017 for children with hearing disabilities starting with 20 students in the pilot phase of the project.

Daniel Olatunji
He is a graduate of Government Secondary School Jabi. He was a student who by reason of the insight opportunities and mentoring, he decided to switch his type of class which took him back two classes so that he would study the course he is passionate about. In his senior secondary class 3, he developed an online platform where senior secondary school students come together to create a network, which supports students with difficulties in any subject where they can ask questions and like the GOOGLE platform, it provides them with the answers to the questions.

Joseph Otache
He is graduate of Government Secondary School Wuse Zone 3 and currently a student of Benue State University. He developed a brand called Abuja Entertainment Hub, established on the 26th of December 2017 which supports events/program planning in the FCT. He was awarded the Next Rated Publicist of the year 2017 prestige awards.