International Day of The Girl Child

International Day of The Girl Child (IDGC) 2021, Halima Abba Shares Disrupting Perspective with Annabelle of Kaftan TV

Wednesday witnessed one of the most insightful and very educating TV interviews as our Board Chair, Halima Abba shared some of the most disruptive and penetrating perspective on the subject of Girl Child Empowerment in commemoration of the 11th October International Day of the Girl Child.

To Halima Abba, the concept of Girl child empowerment deserves a more holistic and deliberate approach.

It is worthy of note that while we encourage the girl child to leverage technology and go after her dreams in order to maximise opportunities around her without limits just as this year’s IDGC theme, “Digital Generation. Our Generation” urges, it is important to bring the boys in the conversation and encourage them to learn, understand and appreciate the peculiarities of the girl child while creating an enabling environment for girls to live, exist, and evolve within their creative spaces, says Halima Abba.

Her perspective of Girl Child empowerment is reflective in the Bridge Programme, the Skills Outside School Foundation’s flagship education intervention programme deployed to government secondary schools.

Testimonials abound from the Bridge Ambassadors who were also on air at The Vatican Radio to speak about their digital journeys Skills Outside School Foundation is the leading African education, employability and entrepreneurship organization with a vision for a productive human capital driving transformational socio-economic development globally.

Which works through 3 core pillars – interventions, data and advocacy. Through direct programs and partnerships, the Halima Chaired organisation has in many ways exemplified her perspective of Girl Child Empowerment as seen in its partnership with UNICEF on differnt counts to deliver a multi-faceted project which was deployed in a number of northern states.

The project includes He4She, Girls Education Project (GEP) and G4G. The He4She group is a support system of boys who support the enrolment, retention and completion of basic education of the girls in schools.

As an organisation, this is our position as we thrive to build a productive human capital building on the leadership Halima so selflessly provides. Join Halima Abba today in building human capital driving transformational socio-economic development globally.

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